John Wood on political dysfunction today.

John Wood.

With the national unemployment rate standing at 7.7% (that’s 12 million Americans unemployed), 9.5 % in California and 10.6% in Los Angeles with even greater joblessness in the Latino and particularly the African-American community (almost 20% last year in Los Angeles) we are seeing the great lakes of economic opportunity in this country drying up before our eyes. With a national debt climbing beyond 16.8 trillion dollars, a national deficit of over 1 trillion dollars,  and GDP growth last year a modest 2.2%, we are ensuring that these waters will never again be filled.

The U.S. economy can thrive again, but it will require practical economic solutions that can survive politically in our polarized government. The Wood Plan calls for several measures to ensure a return to aggressive growth in our economy, increased employment, and the reduction of our debt and deficit to manageable levels. ~Continue